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Before my wedding, I took a photo of my rings on a McDonald's chicken nugget. I posted it on my Facebook page because I thought it was funny, and someone actually called me once and asked if I was "The Chicken Nugget Photographer". It may have been the peak of my career.
Aside from loving chicken nuggets, (dipped in Ranch AND BBQ sauce) I am an over-grown emo kid with a caffeine addiction. I guess that makes sense why I photograph weddings, since Ohio is For Lovers. (See what I did there? :D )

I was in childcare for 5 years. You can believe that I am experienced with kids, tantrums and complete exhaustion

I started out going to college for Animation, to animate video games. Turns out, I was GARBAGE at it.
 I love riding motorcycles 

My drink of choice is Caramel Iced Lattes. My after hours drink: Vodka Sours or Truly

Your Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Hey, I'm Felicia!

Photo by: Noctem Photography

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I enjoy the outdoors-mudding, fishing, going to the race track and harassing everyone in my small town. I love my Harley (her name is Hecate, goddess of the crossroads). I'm also really passionate about fireworks and pyrotechnics. I design firework shows every year and hope to get my credentials soon so I can make it a side gig. Since I am a "Car Guy", I really want to expand my portfolio to include anything with wheels.

-I graduated from the Vo-ed for Automotive Technology. I now install security systems.
-I love to travel, especially on the Harley
-I'm a die-hard Ford guy
-My morning drink is Redbull. and my "After Hours" drink of choice is Jack and Coke. Although, I will drink a beer or take a shot with you after my camera is put long as Felicia says it's okay.

aka "the groom whisperer", mr.golden hour, etc

Hey, I'm Bryant!

Here's a snapshot into our world.

A Little Behind The Scenes Of Our Life

peacock ridge | north lawernce, ohio

Erin & Andrew

Two words- THE BEST Having Felicia do our wedding photos was one of the best decisions that I made for our wedding!! She was so helpful, relational, fun and QUICK!!! The pictures turned out amazing.

Gina & Shane

They were wonderful on my wedding day and in preparation for the big day. Punctual, professional, but also very down to earth and super easy to work with!! My husband and I shared many laughs with them.. and the photos are fabulous too!

Kelly & Matthew

Love! Love! Love!

Felicia and Bryant gave us the best photo experience we could have asked for. I love our photos so much. Wedding photos from other photographers just do not compare to their photos. I feel bad for anyone who had a wedding and didn’t hire Felicia’s Photos. They’re so much more than their photos too. They’re kind, helpful, flexible, and fun.

megan & Chris

Felicia was truly a highly professional photographer. She has a gift for catching everyone's personality with the most amazing pictures as a result. She arrived early and did not miss any important moments! She is also fun to work with because her personality is very positive. She communicated with me (the mother who hired her out of Tampa) and my daughter (Megan) who lived in Lake City, Pa. The wedding was on Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio. I recommend her for anyone who wants a photographer who has passion, dedication, experience, is dependable and returns all messages. What a Gem! I know you will Thank me as well as Felicia! Congratulations on your engagement.

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