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You're on our website because you want photos-pretty safe bet, right? You couldn't care less about the fluffy "capture your love story" or "freezing a moment in time" phrasing crap that photographers use to sell their service. That sounds great, sure, but what does that do for you? You wind up hiring some posh Insta-hipster that doesn't care about what your kids names are, or where you and your fiance met. Of course, the photos may look great, but the most important thing is Sure, your face is there, but it's not YOU.

It's time to change the game. I'm TIRED of the same worn out lines and cheesy poses.

Let your little heathens run wild-my Fitbit is getting worried about me. Shotgun that beer at your wedding-I'll tell your judgy Aunt Jane to shove it.

Be unapologetic-ally YOU, and let's have the BEST time doing so.

Let's get real for a second...

Hey there!

Proudly LGBTQIA+ Friendly

peacock ridge | north lawernce, ohio

Erin & Andrew

Two words- THE BEST Having Felicia do our wedding photos was one of the best decisions that I made for our wedding!! She was so helpful, relational, fun and QUICK!!! The pictures turned out amazing.

Gina & Shane

They were wonderful on my wedding day and in preparation for the big day. Punctual, professional, but also very down to earth and super easy to work with!! My husband and I shared many laughs with them.. and the photos are fabulous too!

Kelly & Matthew

Love! Love! Love!

Felicia and Bryant gave us the best photo experience we could have asked for. I love our photos so much. Wedding photos from other photographers just do not compare to their photos. I feel bad for anyone who had a wedding and didn’t hire Felicia’s Photos. They’re so much more than their photos too. They’re kind, helpful, flexible, and fun.

megan & Chris

Felicia was truly a highly professional photographer. She has a gift for catching everyone's personality with the most amazing pictures as a result. She arrived early and did not miss any important moments! She is also fun to work with because her personality is very positive. She communicated with me (the mother who hired her out of Tampa) and my daughter (Megan) who lived in Lake City, Pa. The wedding was on Lake Erie in Conneaut, Ohio. I recommend her for anyone who wants a photographer who has passion, dedication, experience, is dependable and returns all messages. What a Gem! I know you will Thank me as well as Felicia! Congratulations on your engagement.

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